2017 Volvo XC40 The Next Volvo’s Car


A huge claim about 2017 Volvo XC40 by Volvo has not been released in the United Kingdom. This Volvo’s next car is a compact SUV joining the XC90 and XC60 in that company’s line-up. In the last several weeks, Volvo informed some details about XC40’s design style and it totally revolutionized interior. This Swedish manufacturer also claimed that the new car will be the safest vehicle among its segment.

Volvo XC40 New Technology

Volvo argues that they get these goals by collaborating technology design for the XC40 and the XC90/XC60. In fact, 2017 Volvo XC40 is designed with a smaller platform to the XC90/XC60 which is called CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). This XC40 is not only beneficial for city safety but also useful for detecting an unexpected accident by cyclists, pedestrians, and other cars.

In addition, Volvo XC40 is also equipped with Volvo on Call as an alert which can work automatically in an accident case. It also has City Safety system, mitigation, and also Run-off Road protection. Volvo said that the driver-assistance systems can possibly mitigate and identify a potential conflict. So, the drivers will be more relax while they are driving.

XC40 Design

The new Volvo XC40 is the Volvo’s third model which will be launched in the first quarter 2018 in the United States. It marks for the newest Compact Modular Architecture which will support Volvo’s 40 series.

The distinctive Volvo XC40 in details include a clamshell hood, an upswept side window, and a plastic wheel-arch cladding. It has 174.2 inches long, 10.4 inches shorter compared to the XC60, 65.2 inches high, with a wheelbase (106.4 inches). This wheelbase size downs for about 6.4 inches from Volvo XC60.

The 2017 Volvo XC40 has steel bodywork and utilize a multilink rear setup and strut front suspension. The cheaper Momentum version would be available on a white roof, while the more expensive R-Design has a gloss-black roof as a standard sportier exterior which is involved prominent exhaust tips.

Volvo XC40 Inside   

The more radical concept will be found inside the Volvo XC40 series. All version will be launched with 12.3 inches digital instrument cluster similar to the bigger one (XC60). Both of which have the same connectivity degree which includes a standard Android and Apple CarPlay. The interior trim is made from materials such as textured plastic trim located on the door panels and also felt that you can find in the door pockets.

According to the description above, we can see that this 2017 Volvo XC40 has an outstanding design especially for safety purpose.