2018 Audi A5 Release Date: The Interesting Facts about the Launch

So, what’s the next upcoming 2018 Audi A5 release date? When you know about the release date, you can be prepared of everything. You can anticipate for the whole preparation of the launch and probably get ready to make the order. After all, there are always something fun and unexpected with each release.

The Long History in the Making

When Audi launched the 2017 S5 and also A5 coupes, it was like a sign that the convertible version will follow not long after the coupe – it is like Audi has been making a special plan about it. The reason why they do it is probably because both of the lines almost look alike. Well, if you remove the top part of the convertible, they share similar structure and construction. The cool additional factor is that the roof can be drop off with a touch of a button – within 15 seconds. It takes 18 seconds to close up and within the speed of 31 miles per hour.

The Different Names and Launch

The A5 will launch as the 2017 model in Europe – it will come with the gas and diesel engine. However, it will launch in America as the 2018 model. It will only come with gas engine for the coupe – with the turbocharged unit delivering 252 hp of power. However, if you are looking for more and higher power, you should consider the S5 type, delivering 254 hp of power. Aside from knowing the 2018 Audi A5 release date, you should also know the specs as you will only deal with automatic transmission.

If the exterior design is similar for both lines, how about the interior cabin? Well, again, both are sharing the same design as well. It includes the new technology of Virtual Cockpit with WiFi connection and 4G LTE system – free completely within the first 3 years after the purchase. The only difference is the seatbelt mic for the cabriolet.

Release Date and Price

As it was mentioned before, the A5 and also S5 convertible will be coming in March in 2017. When will it be ready for the American market? Audi hasn’t said anything about it. The same thing they haven’t said anything official about the release price as well. The company will definitely give update about 2018 Audi A5 release date so you only need to keep up.


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