2018 Audi A6 Release Date: What Is the Anticipation?


The anticipation for 2018 Audi A6 release date is getting bigger because some updates have been released about the newest vehicle. Some of the updates include the new styles, which is claimed to be looking similar to Prologue vehicle. Besides the new design, there will be some updates, such as lighter construction and weight with the newest Virtual Cockpit technology, developed specially by Audi for the line. What’s the complete news about the vehicle?

The Newest Update

Set to be the major competitor for 5 Series from Beemer and E-Class type from Mercy, the A6 has been seriously prepared and managed so it will come strong and sturdy. Aside from the anticipation about the 2018 Audi A6 release date, the new rise is expected to be more spacious and also more efficient than the current one. After all, if Audi is going to use the new chassis (like the one they use for A8) it is possible that all of these features can be achieved easily.

The Style

Rumor has it that the A6 will be looking almost similar to the Prologue – after all, it is their muse. If you have taken a look at Prologue concept, you will see a gorgeous design and style. One of them is the hexagonal and vast grille construction with LED angular headlights. Of course, there are more that you can expect from the design and the release.

Although Audi hasn’t said anything official about their new style – and they haven’t released any official image about it – but you can rest assured that the new A6 will be looking elegant and sleek, if it is based on the Prologue structure. And with bigger trunk and also roomier interior cabin, you can definitely expect more comfortable setting while driving.

The Engine

With new platform, reduced weight can be expected to affect speed and performance. There will be engine option of V6 engine with 3.0 liter capacity of the V8 petrol unit with 4.0 liter capacity. But there hasn’t been any official announcement about the release.

Release Date and Price

Despite the name that it will be sold as the 2018 model, it is most likely that the A6 will be selling starting from 2019. At least, for now, Audi has set a plan to set it up for 2019 sales. The lowest trim may cost £35,000 while the highest trim may be up to £60,000. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about 2018 Audi A6 release date but it should be coming soon enough so just stay tuned!