2018 Audi A8 Changes: What Are They?

The 2018 Audi A8 changes would include some of the updates on the exterior, interior, and also mechanical (the engine). A8 may be one of the oldest vehicle in line; that’s why the design is pretty old-school and classic. However, the classic style is somehow being refreshed so it doesn’t look too much outdated or too old. But with some updates and changes, the vehicle should have this newer and more refreshed appearance than the current line.

What to Expect?

For now, the A8 is only available in the long wheelbase form, which is considered comfy enough to drive in. And with the idea of using the Prologue concept as the new design of the ride, the sedan is pretty attractive and appealing from the physical aspect. The A8 has been known as a reliable vehicle that is strong enough to support safety feature and light to support performance.

The 2018 Audi A8 changes won’t be drastic or too much but it is expected to improve the overall look and performance of the vehicle. If the A8 has been considered rather dull and plain, well, this time they would be looking different, for sure. There is a reason why Audi sticks to the long wheelbase design – mostly because they want to maintain the comfy and roomy rear seat – which has been the winning part of the vehicle after these years.

Changes and the Concept

Although A8 manages to stay on the industry for these years, some critics have shown. They mostly say that the exterior appearance isn’t as attractive as before. But Audi, somehow, has a way to make it up. Of course, they are doing some significant work for 2018 Audi A8 changes – not extravagant, but enough to refresh its look – and make up what’s lack from the exterior side by compromising it on the interior cabin. Naturally, you can expect the new A8 to have an improved comfort – thanks to the advanced technology and also premium material.

The Engine

According to some rumors, Audi plans to get rid of the W12 because it is considered slow and the turbodiesel isn’t as responsive as expected. That’s why they are planning to get the V6 supercharged or the V8 turbocharged. So far, we have to applaud Audi for their well arrangement for the performance, transmission, and also engine. They may lack some of aesthetic creativity when it comes to exterior design but they do have their special skills. And the 2018 Audi A8 changes have been included in the scheme.


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