2018 Audi Q5 Cargo Space: The Importance of the Space

For some people, 2018 Audi Q5 cargo space may not be the important factor when choosing a vehicle. But you need to remember that when you choose a vehicle, you want something that can be used o carry your loads and all the important items. Don’t forget that the idea of carrying a cargo while the passenger compartment is filled with people should have never been forgotten.

The Facts about It

Before we talk further about 2018 Audi Q5 cargo space, you should know that the second gen of Audi Q5 isn’t exactly bigger than the first one. In fact, the overall dimension is almost similar. With the total length around 183.6 inch – which means that it is an inch longer than the first one – and with a stretched wheelbase to 111.0 inch (another 0.5 inch addition), this second gen vehicle should be promising in terms of space and arrangement. But since the addition is so little, it is basically nothing much has changed for the interior cabin.

The rear legroom is stretched to 37.8 inch while the cargo capacity has reached 60.1 cubic feet – when the second row is folded down. Don’t worry, there will still be 28.7 inch of an overall cargo capacity when the seat is still up. When you read the numbers, the new model is actually shorter than the previous one – around 0.4 cubic shorter.

The Intriguing Questions

From these numbers, you probably have thought that there is something contradictive about the new Q5. It is claimed as a taller vehicle from the previous generation and yet there is a reduced space for the interior cabin. For some people, the fact about 2018 Audi Q5 cargo space may be a problem but Audi is able to make it up with a more powerful and punchier performance.

The Overall Strength

The cargo space may be one of the downside about Q5 2018 but Audi is trying to make it up with better ergonomics, improved materials, and the latest (not to mention advanced) technologies and features. You can opt for the Digital Virtual Cockpit. The infotainment MMI system has been updated, delivering a smoother and better usage – especially to the existence of the touchpad.

It is pretty understandable why Audi may not be doing anything grandeur concerning their dimension. After all, if they decide to change 2018 Audi Q5 cargo space, they may have to change the overall construction, design, and structure – which may not be liked by Audi fans.


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