2018 Barracuda Price and the Latest Upgrades


Aren’t you curious about the future 2018 Barracuda price? When we are talking about the Barracuda, we are talking about one of the classic vintage icons. It is no wonder if it is still going to the production stage although not as active as before. Be sure, though, that the upcoming future Barracuda will coming with better and more unique design, along with improved styling and features too. Read also : 2018 Dodge Barracuda Redesign, Powertrain, Release Date and Price

Barracuda in Designs

It is pretty normal, though, to compare the Barracuda with the Challenger – they are often viewed with similar features, traits, and positive outcome. For the 2018 model, the Barracuda will come with lighter construction because of the small size and design. For the exterior side, you can expect the body radiator to come with slender barbecue grille along with new headlights construction. The daytime lights will also undergo improvement and changes. Despite the smaller stance and design, and also the lighter weight, the Barracuda will retain its classic strength, thanks to the aluminum alloy as the main material.

If you take a look at the interior side, you will see a classic and yet sporty look. This is another part of the changes happening to Barracuda, and it will definitely affect the 2018 Barracuda price. Not only there will be improvement about the materials, technologies will also be included within the upgrades. The newest technology is definitely available, with a slight twist on the characteristic so the passengers will undergo improved comfort. There are exclusive and expensive focuses with impressive style. For instance, the improved chairs will be covered with all natural leather. The cockpit will be somewhat focused and secluded so drivers can focus on the road ahead. In short, you can only expect improved quality and also quantity from the new line.

Engine, Power, and Specs

For this upcoming Barracuda, a turbocharged unit will be used. With 2.0 liter capacity, it is believed that this arrangement will be enough to power the vehicle – especially since it is going to produce 300 hp of power with 290 Nm of torque. There is also a possibility that it will be using a twin V6 turbocharged unit with 2.9 liter capacity, producing around 400 hp of power. Rumor has it that a V8 two turbo units will be used but the confirmation is still shady.

Set as the 2018 model, this Barracuda will likely come at the beginning of 2018. For the 2018 Barracuda price, the standard is set around $55,000.