2018 Bentley Continental GT Powertrain, Price and Release Date

You can find a 2018 Bentley Continental GT as one of the most expensive car because it will give you luxury design. You can be happy if look at this vehicle. It offers you very enjoyable driving time. Inside the vehicle, it has more room for the passenger and luggage because it has more space for the front and rear axles. It may similar with your expectation that both of the exterior and interior will give you an amazing and luxurious detail especially the interior part. It offers you with nice design including expensive leather, veneers and hand finished chrome details. Next, this following information is about the engine and performance also the price and release date.

Engine and Performance

This sports car is having great powertrain which can produce high horsepower as well including reviewed version of 6.0-liter W12. As a sports car, this vehicle can create 626 BHP and a stupendous 900 Nm of torque between 1,750 RPM and 4,000 RPM through that engine. Moreover, it needs 3.6 seconds to reach 0-60 MPH as well as on to a 207 MPH the highest speed.

The powertrain for 2018 will combine with cylinder-deactivation technology which combines with switch to a dual-clutch transmission from the former torque-converter automatic. The engine combination then create part-time four-wheel-drive system to cut down the CO2 emission until 16% or around 278g/km. The manufacturer said that only with a single tank of petrol, the Bentley Continental GT can drive more than 500 miles. Other powertrain option will use V8 petrol with cylinder deactivation as well. The second options will offer you with 4.0-liter V8 variant. The manufacturer seems to have hybrid option engine which completes with Panamera 4 E-hybrid system to create power up to 456 BHP.

Price and Release Date

As we know, the current model has price at £150,500 for 2017 The Bentley Continental GT. The next model year for 2018 will have price at £156,700 for the standard vehicle. Indeed, the price is increasing but the manufacturer gives you some upgrades for the newest Bentley Continental GT. However, the V8 engine machine is cheaper than other engine option. There is no official release date yet. It expects that the order books will open later this year. Most of use, hope to see this vehicle in this last 2017. Now, we can only wait and see the update news from 2018 Bentley Continental GT.


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