2018 BMW i8 Specs: All the Promising Features of a Futuristic Ride


If you are looking at a future sporty ride, you may want to check the details of 2018 BMW i8 specs. The i8 is definitely a good looking sport car – almost futuristic in design. For the 2018 model, expect some improvements and updates. Naturally, the upgrades aren’t only happening on the exterior elements but also on the interior, as well as the power and performance. So, what kind of updates can you expect from the ride?

The Newest Updates

If you are talking about the main ingredients in i8 changes, you will be talking about carbon fiber and aluminum, electrons, and also three pistons of internal combustion. According to Beemer, this one has been set as the hybrid variant, with its 357 hp of power, matched with four wheel driving system. It is able to reach 60 mph within 4.0 seconds, having top speed of 156 mph, with 36 MPGe within the 200 miles of the test run.

If you find these 2018 BMW i8 specs aren’t enough, we haven’t stopped at all. The car will be coming with sharp steering ability with poised chassis that are affecting the overall drive – creating a more fun experience. It is unfortunate that the regenerative braking system as well as the economy friendly tires are somewhat obstructing the overall power and performance of the ride. But those are just some minor flaws because you can enjoy more advantages, such as plush and exclusive cabin along with the sleek i8 futuristic design that will definitely turn heads.

Designs, Inside and Outside

If you take a look at the overall design of this i8, you will see a vehicle with a spaceship-like design, especially with the eye catchy black and blue combination. And the fact that such a good looking ride is actually made from the hybrid power is quite impressive in its own way. Another cool thing about this ride is the vertically lifted doors with laser headlights. Wow, it is definitely something new, right? Of course, Beemer is using the safe laser beam headlights that are more powerful and intense than the LEDs. But they aren’t completely all laser, really, because they are combined with the LED.

For the interior cabin, the overall design is plush, futuristic, and simply amazing. The visibility is great, thanks to the smart arrangement of the cockpit. Despite the four seating arrangement, the cabin itself is pretty small. The space for the rear seat is only limited for kids instead of adults. For the front seats, the overall arrangement is comfortable and plush. One among the 2018 BMW i8 specs is the solid support lumbar system. You can spend the whole day driving and you won’t end up feeling exhausted at all.

Engine and Power

This i8 is running on three different engines, the AC motor, the inline three turbo engine with 228 hp of power, and also the stronger AC motor with 129 hp of power. But of course, you can expect more from such a powerful ride like i8. With the combined 2018 BMW i8 specs and features, along with the stylish design, this vehicle is definitely a sight for sore eyes.