2018 BMW M3 Performance, Price and Release Date


All of us know that 2018 BMW M3 will release soon in 2017. Many buyers want to know more information about this vehicle since the current model gives enough performance. There will be any improvements among the exterior, interior, and engine which make BMW M3 more awesome. Thus, this following information will give you more detail about the 2018 model.

Interior and Exterior Redesign

What will we find about redesign for interior and exterior? It seems that the 2018 model year will have small significant changes than previous design. Indeed, it complete with sketchy quality leather upholstery and give you best material for the interior. The manufacturer will bring sportier concept for the interior. Thus, there will be some options available. They are not only giving you sportier appearance for interior redesign but also completes with awesome infotainment, safety features, and climate control as well.

Then, how about the exterior? Are there any significant changes for 2018 BMW M3? Some dramatic changes will available for the exterior design. There are significant changes including a noticeable facelift which makes the 2018 model better than the previous model. The grille, headlamps, and tail-lamps will complete with some improvements. Though the interior does not change too much, you will be satisfied with the exterior design because the manufacturer will upgrade the appearance to create better look for the newest model. For the color selection it seems that the manufacturer gives you similar option, but there is new front fascia for the exterior as well as the LED lights.

Engine Performance

The 2018 BMW M3 will have amazing engine options including 3.0-liter online-six engine which can give you much power until 425 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. The acceleration is quite incredible. It has ability to accelerate up to 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds. This engine then combines with great six-speed manual transmission and also seven-speed dual clutch.

The Pricing and Releasing Date

The manufacturer hasn’t given us official release date yet. However, it predicts will be on the showroom this last month in 2017 because it will be at the market in the early or middle 2018. There are a lot of improvements for exterior, interior, and even the engines. Though, there is no official price yet, it expects that the price will be at $65,000 with incredible 5,500 rpm towing ability. Overall, 2018 BMW M3 is one of the best vehicles for 2018.