2018 BMW X3 Release Update And Price


As A BMW lover, you have to know about 2018 BMW x3 release update. According to the press release, the original X3 is launched the midsize SUV segment. The X3 still undergoes one major generational update, by launching the F25 model in the year 2010.

Because, today we are in 2017, maybe some of you do not notice the significant difference. But here, we provide some in formations related to 2018 BMW x3 release update.


Comparing the old F25 model, the up-front of 2018 x3 has a larger kidney grill and smaller LED headlights, similar to the hexagonal LED fog light. In the back, optional LED taillights could be found.  Looking into details, the biggest changes can be seen in this bmw type. The wheelbase has been extended becomes more than two inches with the same length as the old one. This design makes this car has shorter overhangs with a large passenger cabin. It makes passengers more comfortable. They also control to keep a 50/50 weight balance from front to back.


Moving to the inside, based on 2018 BMW x3 release update, you can see common audio control and  HVAC in the center stack.  The major differences of BMW x3 and the outgoing model are this car is equipped with ventilated front seats, a large panoramic moonroof, up-to-date spoke steering wheel, and new color heads-up display. In addition, the infotainment screen is completed with gesture controls bmw. Therefore, you must be careful to point the middle finger.

Moreover, the new x3 would provide a world laboratory for the company technology. It will add with a planned lane and vehicle communication and bmw copilot to assist the driver.

Coming in Two Flavors

This 2018 BMW C3 release update will come with two different flavors. Firstly, a XDrive30i which is powered by a 248-horsepower and a M-40i moving a 355-horsepower. In fact, it becomes the first of M-Sport variant from the x3. Those will utilize bmw’s eight-speed Steptronic transmission and share the power to all wheels.

2018 Bmw X3 Price

Today, the price of this BME x3 has not been published officially. But the price could be started from approximately €47,000 in Germany and $43,445 in the United States. So, if you wish to own this 2018 BME x3 prepare your budget earlier.

All in all, with regard to the description above, you get details information of 2018 BMW x3 release update.