2018 Chevy Avalanche Redesign, Performance, Price and Release Date

How great a 2018 Chevy Avalanche with some significant changes. This vehicle will use new platform from aluminum and high strength steel which make the vehicle is lighter. The lighter body for new vehicle will make it increases the performance. Most of us expect that the vehicle will complete with independent suspension. As SUV vehicle, this vehicle has large enough body for you and your family. The engine performance is increasing to make you having a better speed in driving. Overall, this newest model for 2018 will have different characteristic than other drivers.

Exterior and Interior Redesign

You will see many significant changes because it seems that the new model will bring new design. We can see that the manufacturer is totally redesigns the appearance for 2018 Chevy Avalanche. It will complete with restyled bumpers and grille and LED rounded lights as well. Those things will make the new appearance more modern and fashionable. The next model for 2018 will have greater material for the body and platform. It reduces the vehicle weight and increase the performance.

Just like other vehicle, you will see great design for the interior unit. You will get more sufficient room to seat six grown up which give you more space for luggage. While the technology feature can be used as great infotainment system including LCD touchscreen, environment control, stableness control, auto parking devices, also lane departure warning system as well.

Engine and Performance

What kind of engine does this 2018 Chevy Avalanche? It has great enough engine with 5.3 liter V8 engine which can produce power until 355 BHP and needs 7 seconds to reach speed up to 60 MPH. You may find that the vehicle has several engines such as diesel power and hybrid ahead.

Price and Release Date

We know that the spec is different with the previous model. The manufacturer upgrades it into better appearance and powertrain. The price is higher than the current model though there are no significant changes. However, the price expects in normal price. The standard price for vehicle from Chevy Avalanche could be $32,000 while the higher level which contains more features could be at $40,000 or more. Then, when we can see the newest model in the showroom or dealer? There is no official announcement for both release date and price. However, it expects that we can see 2018 Chevy Avalanche this late 2017.


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