2018 Chevy Traverse Towing Capacity: The Strength of the SUV

The improved 2018 Chevy Traverse towing capacity will be one of the major changes happening to this line for the upcoming year model. With the increasing demand for the SUVs and family rides, the like and preference for the bigger vehicle is improving. After all the SUV have a lot of likable features. Some people like the height, while some like the rugged active style. Some like the functional factor while some like the power. When you combine all of these features, it is quite understandable why most people like the SUV.

The Improved Features and Changes

For the 2018 model, Chevy has been redesigning the Chevy construction and design. The Traverse itself has been considered one of the most solid rides with all of the right and handy features. And the good thing is, Chevy has this opportunity to completely change every little aspect and details. The 2018 Chevy Traverse towing capacity will be included in the changes, with Chevy is thinking about adding up some strength.

Design and Model

One thing for sure, the exterior element of Traverse is getting some updates. It looks new with more complex lines and thicker C-pillar. Bigger rear glass is designed to improve visibility. In an overall sense, the new Traverse has a more distinctive look and more appealing design. Chrome accents are included within the updates, along with the sculpted lines to create a more elegant and upscale effect. The three row seat remains, while two kinds of all new drivetrain will improve fuel efficiency and also performance. You may as well sure that the 2018 Chevy Traverse towing capacity will also improve.

The exterior area may get the improvement but it also extends to the interior cabin. When Chevrolet is lengthening the wheelbase by two inches, it affects the interior volume as well. And it is a good thing that they can do it without changing the size of the exterior area. Even the slightest 2 inches improvement is able to increase the headroom and also legroom in every row, especially on the second row as well as the third. Not only it affects the space in the interior cabin, it also affects the cargo space.

The great thing is that Chevrolet is able to combine the expanded size with 350 pounds of significant weight reduction, which also affects the performance and ability of the vehicle. That’s why Chevy is confident enough to claim that Traverse in 2018 model is more flexible and nimble.

Engine and Performance

As you can guess, engine and performance are also affected and changed with the new updates happening for the 2018 model. The reduction in weight affects the fuel efficiency and also performance. Chevrolet is updating the V6 engine with 3.6 liter capacity, delivering 310 hp of power and also 266 Nm of torque, and pairing it up with 9 speed transmission.

Towing capacity for the 2018 model will be 5,000 pounds with good fuel economy system of 15 mpg for the city and 22 mpg for the highway. All of the good updates, along with the 2018 Chevy Traverse towing capacity, will make the unit more responsive and good.

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