2018 Corvette Mid-Engine Engine Performance, Price and Release Date

We just wait for 2018 Corvette Mid-Engine which expects to bring new and more powerful engine. The manufacturer works hard to make perfect mid-engine vehicle and todays many rumors said that it will come soon. All we know about it is only about the mid-engine which is installed between the in front of rear-wheels and behind the passengers. Moreover, here it is some rumors you need to know about the new model of Corvette Mid-Engine.

Engine Performance History

Do you know that the Chevrolet has been developing a mid-engine Corvette for 50 years? Today the 2018 Corvette Mid-Engine will come soon special for the buyers. The manufacturer showed the first mid-engine in 1986 complete with mid-mounted twin-turbo V8 and all-wheel-drive for Corvette Indy model. Several years later, it comes with Cadillac which introduced at Detroit Auto show. This model bring stunning Cien concept including great mid-engine. The mid-engine is installed between the Cien’s axels, behind the passenger. It brings a 7.5-liter V12 which can produce power until 750 horsepower. Though, this vehicle was not for Chevy branded, most of us expect that the manufacturer will bring something bigger than this.

Two years later, the manufacturer offered Corvette with limit of grip including traditional front engine and rear-wheel-drive layout. The design machine is similar and equal with the Cadillac XLR and put the engine in the middle. Unfortunately, in 2018 the projects were stopped. Today, we heard about many rumors of this 2018 Corvette Mid-Engine. Some says it will come for C8 series as revolutionary. However, if the rumors become true, you will find a mid-engine Chevy supercar.

Price and Release Date

It will come with amazing engine performance. Thus, the price could be higher and higher. For example the standard MSRP will cost only $55,400. Just prepare much money if you are really want to have a mid-engine style if won’t use your kids’ college funds because it costs much more than the standard vehicle. Since the rumors said it will have all-new platform and the standard price maybe at $150,000. It is like double price of the current Corvette king. You will never imagine that the price could be reach until $450,000 for the Ford GT’s MSRP. Indeed, the price is just too much amazing, but we hope there will be cheaper price with different engine spec. You need to be satisfied with only a turbocharge V6 option which has cheaper price. Hope, the 2018 Corvette Mid-Engine will coming soon this late 2017 since there is no official release date from the manufacturer.

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