2018 Ferrari California T Price: All the Improved Elements

You are probably wondering about 2018 Ferrari California T price, considering that there have been rumors about the production of the line as well as the possible future availability. But is the car special enough with the worthy tag price?

The General Issue

The problem with Ferrari and their production is they tend to add ‘special’ to their lines, which will add up the zeros in the sales price. However, you can’t really expect super impressive performance just because the name has ‘special’ tag in it. Some of the productions are worth the price, such as the Berlinetta SWB 250GT Speciale 1962 that was sold for $16.5 million last year. But then again, not all Ferrari’s productions are worth that much.

About the California T

The 2018 Ferrari California T price may not reach $16.5 million – in fact, it won’t reach $1 million because it is ‘only’ sold for $200,000 but still….it is an expensive ride and you are expecting a lot from the roadster, right?

The ride is stylish and good looking, with the improved lines and design. But you can’t really expect an overly good boost of quality. Yes, it is a Ferrari but in the lines of sport rides, there are still other promising rides.

Design and Appearance

You have to admit that the new T is more luxurious and somewhat glamorous without overdoing it. If you are looking for a vehicle for daily use, this one can be the perfect option. The interior cabin receives the same treatment, with improved materials, quality, technologies, and ambiance.

The General Specifications

The reason why the 2018 Ferrari California T price is getting so much hype is because of all the good things said to pack within a single vehicle. The California T is set as the rear wheel driving car with front engine placement. It is a two door convertible with 2+2 seating arrangement.

With the V8 32 valve DOHC twin turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection and aluminum heads and block, the engine is believed to be sturdy and powerful enough. The V8 unit alone is able to deliver 552 hp of power with 557 Nm of torque so you can imagine all the boost and punch of power. And with such engine arrangement, the pair of auto dual clutch 7 speed transmission and manual shift mode is considered strong enough for the performance.

The car is able to reach 60 mph within 3.3 seconds so you can imagine the power, right? It is able to reach 100 mph within 7.1 seconds and the top speed is reaching 196 mph so you can imagine all of the strength, right? Fuel economy system may not be overly impressive with ‘only’ 16 mpg for the city and 23 mpg for the highway.

So, when will this California T be available? It is likely that Ferrari will do the launch by the end of 2017 – or possibly at the beginning of 2018. We’d better wait and see for the exact confirmation of the launch, including about 2018 Ferrari California T price.


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