2018 Ford Lightning: The Good Looking Upcoming Truck


What to expect from 2018 Ford Lightning? Wait, is Ford really making a new Lightning? Why we don’t hear anything about the production process? Why there hasn’t been any news or updates about the truck?

Well, it is because the new 2018 Ford Lightning is inspired by the 2017 tribute Lightning, made by the loyal fans to show their loyalty and fans to the line. And since the Pioneer Ford has inspired the Ford company to do something about their Lightning, it is pretty interesting to see what the company has in store for the upcoming production.

Lightning in the History

Everyone knows that F-150 is a powerful truck so when Ford released the F-150 SVT Lightning, everyone was excited. The truck was quite successful enough to last about two generations but then Ford decided to stop the production in 2004 – with the major reason that the truck was just too big. They didn’t think that it would be appealing much longer.

Design and Construction

Although the new 2018 Ford Lightning is made by the old Lightning, there are definitely several visual upgrades and changes. The side exhausts, the 22 inch wheels, and the low suspension are parts of the updates. The grille is awesome, matched with the elegant LED lights. To accompany the bigger wheels, there is improved and restyled fender as well.

There are different trims and different choices for the exterior side – even the grille comes with 7 different options. They also include some of the exclusive items and features, meant to improve details, designs, and styles. Will the new Lightning look good? Hopefully so.

For the interior cabin, the company has tried their best to keep the masculine flair with subtle elegance and exclusivity. Comfort and convenience are definitely part of the restyling work, and it is a good thing that the people in the development team understand that technologies shouldn’t be left behind.

Engine and Performance

Since it is one of the biggest truck lines ever built and designed by Ford, it is only logical that a powerful engine should be included within the construction. The new line is said coming with a possibly diesel variant. For now, it is a confirmed matter that they are coming with V6 turbo engine with 3.0 liter capacity. The remaining lines will be coming in petrol. The current V6 3.5 liter unit is replaced by a V6 unit with 3.3 liter capacity, paired with automatic 6 speed transmission.

The alternative option is the EcoBoost V6 unit with 2.7 liter capacity, paired with auto 10 speed gear box transmission. And then there is the V8 naturally aspirated engine with 8.0 liter capacity, delivering the same power and boost.

Because of the new improvements and updates, the new Lightning is predicted to come with a price range at around $50,000 – that’s for the base trim. It is expected to come in 2017 around fall, it the scheme for the update is solid and goes as planned. So, let’s wait and see for the further news of  2018 Ford Lightning.