2018 Genesis Coupe: The Future Luxury Sport Coupe that Won’t Hurt the Wallet


Hyundai is getting ready preparing their upcoming 2018 Genesis coupe for the American market. In Korea, the prototype has undergone a serious testing stage just recently. For this model, Hyundai has a lot of hope for it as it will be competing against other powerful names such as 370Z from Nissan, BRZ from Subaru, Mustang from Ford, Camaro from Chevy, and much more. It is a good thing that Hyundai has come prepared for this line, including preparing some of the new engine options for both American market and global platform. There will be three different options available.

2018 Genesis Coupe

About the Upcoming Coupe

If you take a look at the rendering image,  you should be able to see a stylish, good looking, and futuristic ride – all with the touch of modernity and sophistication. If you have seen the Coupe Vision G concept, you get the idea of how the ride will look like. It seems that the new 2018 Genesis coupe will be designed based on the concept ride. After all, you have to admit that the Vision G concept is super luxurious and premium. You can see a sport and exclusive vehicle with dynamic body style and shape. Another great thing about the future Genesis is the usage of 2.0 Fluidic Sculpture design language. Is it good? Oh, it is super awesome!

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Performance and Engine

Because the 2018 Genesis coupe will be the next luxurious sporty coupe with high performance quality, it should be supported by the powerful engine line. Hyundai is currently developing an engine arrangement while the other two are the development from their previous lines – meant to boost performance and output.

The company is offering a four cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity but the test mule is running on the V6 naturally aspirated 3.8 liter engine. It is highly likely that the latter one will be used in production but after being revised first. The V6 3.8 liter unit, delivering 348 hp of power and 295 Nm of torque, can be paired up with manual six speed transmission or auto eight speed transmission with rear wheel driving system.

Release Date and Price

Although there hasn’t been any exact information about the release date, it is predicted that it should be available at dealerships by the end of 2018 – or the mid 2018, the latest. For the price, the starting number is set around $27,000 – which is surprisingly, not very much different from 2016 Genesis coupe starting around $26,950. If the 2018 Genesis coupe is going to be good as promised, you can tell that there are a lot of people are waiting for it.

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