2018 Lincoln Continental Price: Improvements and Price Increase

You definitely want to know about 2018 Lincoln Continental price, provided that you want to buy the upcoming model. After all, there are a lot of positive things to expect from the new sedan. With the combination of classy interior cabin, unique and impressive style, and the most current technology, it is no wonder if the Continental is considered the exclusive luxury vehicle with reliable performance.

Expect the Improvements

Since there will be improvement on the exterior as well as the interior, you shouldn’t be too surprised if the price is increasing. After all, there are great combinations of features. The solid and reliable audio system, the generous space in the cabin, the ambient lighting, and the real wood accents and trim should be expected for the new model.

There are more to expect, including the thirty ways of adjustable system for the front seat (and it comes with optional massage feature). The line also offers three different options for the V6 engines, such as the V6 3.7 liter capacity delivering 305 hp of power, the2.7 liter twin turbo unit producing 335 hp of power, and a 3.0 liter twin turbo engine delivering 400 hp of power – all of them are paired with the four wheel driving system.

The fuel economy system isn’t too great, only 16 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for the highway. It is able to reach 60 mph within 5.3 seconds which is quite impressive. With top speed reaching 143 mph, this sedan has a lot to offer. However, some say that this vehicle is unfortunately rough and harsh. When compared to its price, the roughness isn’t worth it at all.

If you take a look at the Lincoln, you will see a signature and distinctive style of a sedan with a great combination of traditional and modern appeal. It is wide and long with chrome accents and accessories. You can tell that Bentley has put a lot of inspiration for Lincoln but it doesn’t mean that Lincoln completely imitates the design – it merely takes an inspiration. And with the improved technologies and work on the line, you should expect an increase in 2018 Lincoln Continental price. But is everyone ready for it?

For the overall end, waiting for the upcoming Lincoln with its promised features and improvement is worth it. However, you don’t really expect too much from it, especially when it comes to fancy hopes and expectations. Certainly, you can’t expect much for the upcoming 2018 Lincoln Continental price.


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