2018 Mazda CX9 News: The Fun to Drive Three Row Crossover and Its Update

What is the most current 2018 Mazda CX9 news? There are some improved features and designs that you can expect from the line but before we get to the exciting part, we need to take a look at the basic CX9 and its best strength when it comes to the powerful vehicle.

About Mazda CX9

When we are talking about crossovers, we are talking about a contradictive thing. In one side, having a crossover with three row arrangement is certainly a functional and efficient thing, especially for tagging along cargo and kids and families. But then again, such a vehicle isn’t always easy to control or handle.

However, things are different with the Mazda CX9. Not only it is enjoyable and fun to drive, it is also easy to handle and control. A lot of auto experts say that CX9 is a rare crossover combining functional utilities and driving fun. It is because of the well balanced communicative steering and improved chassis. The exterior design is also beautiful – all with the raked steep windshield, long hood, and rear fastback end.

And within the 2018 Mazda CX9 news, the improvements will also take place on the interior cabin – not only for the exterior side. The interior is lovely and somewhat homey, and it looks exclusive and expensive with the high quality features and materials. However, don’t expect the third row seat and the cargo capacity to be coming well – they have been compromised. But then again, most people think that such a thing is nothing; just a tad bit of discomfort . For them, the CX9 is still a reliable and promising crossover with promising strength.

The Pros and Cons

So, if we are referring to 2018 Mazda CX9 news, there are some great strength about this crossover. The driving enjoyment and fun is definitely the top notch quality that you can expect from this vehicle. The interior cabin is luxurious and exclusive. The engine is fuel efficient with all the greatest easiness. However, the cargo room is compromised with limited third row seats.

But in the overall sense, the new CX9 will be coming with improved safety features, such as blind spot monitor, cross traffic rear alert, and auto low speed emergency brake should be included in the line. The G-Vector control reduces the engine torque during corners so cornering stability can be improved.  Among the 2018 Mazda CX9 news, there is also a Sport package designed for the Sport trim.


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