2018 MDX Changes The Most Impressive Acura SUV


For you, Acura lovers, you should know about the 2018 MDX changes, because the newest MDX is the most powerful Acura you have ever met. As we know, Acura starts making many breathtaking cars with various kinds of characters. Focusing on the member of SUV, the 2018 MDX is definitely efficient which has an idle-stop capability and a better fuel. At a glance, it is the most favorite one because of its efficient vehicles.

If 2018 MDX compared to MDX SH-AWD, it has 45 percent higher EPA city fuel rating. What a wonderful car!

The 2018 MDX Engine

The 2018 MDX changes are really amazing. As a member of hybrid family crossover, 2018 MDX hybrid is definitely powerful, and it is the most successful Acura SUV. This car is equipped with SH-AWD system and torque 321hp and 289 Ib-ft.

Well, although this 2018 MDX is less powerful as the Germans it is much more efficient, and this aspect is really mattered in Acura world. In fact, they re-engineered the transmission became seven-speed dual clutch to create more efficient fuel car.  Therefore it is a subtle car for you.

The 2018 MDX Safety

Another aspect which is also essential for this car is its safety in spite of its efficiency. The sophisticated all-wheel-drive system is the most important safety feature that the car has. Interestingly, this 2018 MDX is completed by the drivetrain. It is definitely an interesting set of technological advancement.

Turning into details, you can see 2018 MDX changes in many parts of its car. This car is complemented by lane departure warning, auto high beam, multi-angle camera, lane keep assist, blind spot information, and forward collision warning. We could say that this car is really concern about your safety when you are driving. So you can drive safely wherever you go.

The 2018 MDX Price

As a luxury car, the 2018 MDX luxury SUV starts from $45,175. A loaded SH-AWD has a higher price which is $57,625 because it is complemented with a sophisticated package. Other 2018 MDX changes also can be seen in different this model. For example, the price of MDX with technology package is $49,575. The price of MDX SH-AWD is $47,175. The car with the highest price is MDX with Entertainment and Advance package which has $57,625 of price.

Well, those are all about 2018 MDX changes, hopefully, it could impress you a lot.