2018 Mini Cooper Availability: What’s Coming for the New Cooper

When is the new 2018 Mini Cooper availability? There hasn’t been any official confirmation about it although rumor has it that the car should be ready by the end of 2017 or the early 2018, the latest. Of course, there will be some interesting facts and details about the new stylish vehicle. So, what can you learn about it, anyway?

The Pros and Cons

There are some things to like about this cute vehicle, so you should set aside the news about 2018 Mini Cooper availability first. The positive things to like include sharp and easy handle, with improved control. The expressive style is included in the line. If you are looking for variations from Mini Cooper, you will find it from the 2018 model as there are many variants about it – expect convertible as well. And what about the interior cabin? Expect an improved comfort and convenience, especially for the front seat.

On the negative side, the numbers of seats are pretty limited, especially in Clubman. The interior cabin is comfy but the space is pretty limited, especially for the cargo area. The available options are confusing – so it doesn’t mean that more options will satisfy you, but more options can give you a headache. And don’t forget about the expensive tag price. Just because it is more expensive, it doesn’t mean that you will also get more.

The Available Trim Options

There are different options for the 2018 model. You can get the soft top convertible, the hatchback with the four or two door arrangement, or the four-swinging-door wagon known as the Clubman. Despite the different designs and body styles, Mini Cooper somewhat has its own signature style that makes it easily recognized.

There won’t be much changes happening for the 2018 model. There will be a standard rearview camera and some added packages. The gauge for the fuel will be different (only a bit). The turning indicator will remain the same.

Engine and Performance

Mini is running on cylinder three engine that is delivering 124 hp of power. The car depends on the steering and the lightweight feature makes up what is lacking from the engine. Mini doesn’t seem to have any plan to change the engine setting and arrangement. For the new Mini Cooper, the base may start from around $22,500 while the highest trim may reach $30,000. And for the exact date of 2018 Mini Cooper availability, there hasn’t been any official release.

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