2018 RAM Cummins: The Towing Capacity Increased!

Most of us look for 2018 RAM Cummins information to see the upgrades. Actually, one of the significant changes is in the towing capacity. Let see some information about newest model of RAM Cummins in this following paragraph.

Engine and Performance

Are you waiting for vehicle which has amazing performance? A 2018 RAM Cummins will give you amazing option. As we know that RAM always brings best engine performance. You may guess it but the 2018 model year will come with special engine such as 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel with high-output engine. It will be great pickup truck. If we throw back, we remember that the RAM and Cummins only have 900 lb.-ft. two years ago. It is increasing in 2017. In this year, Ford and GM has power up to 925 lb.-ft. and 910 lb.-ft. severally from 6.7L Power Stroke with V8 and special 6.6L Duramax V8. Moreover the 2018 model year hopes to have higher power about 30 lb.-ft. of torque. You will find that this newest model in 2018 will have nice higher turbo boost limits and higher fuel flow rates. With this engine, the RAM Cummins will create power until 385 horsepower.

The Towing Capacity

There may be not a lot changes for 2018 RAM Cummins towing capacity, but it increases. The 2018 model year will come with 5th-wheel trailer towing capacity and it is increasing for about 30,000 lbs. The previous model only has 24,000 lbs. towing capacity. As you know that RAM HD already had big towing capacity about 31,210 lbs. with special gooseneck trailer coupling. The vehicle catches to have ‘mini’ 5th-wheel which is lower than their gooseneck counterparts due its design. The ‘mini’ means that they are minimalized the measurements of the version of the ones used by the semi-trucks. Yet, the Cummins has its own design with 5th-wheel hitch to bring almost 30,000 lbs. of load. If you like to have great truck with great towing, then you need to choose this truck.

The Price and Release Date

No one knows when the exact date of the release date since the RAM does not give any hint about it. Yet, this model was prepared to be 2018 model. Of course we may see the newest model at least at the end 2017 or early 2018. Then you can guess that the standard price of 2018 RAM Cummins may about $35,000.


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