2018 Subaru Outback Changes: The Possible Update Plans Happening Soon

When it comes to 2018 Subaru Outback changes, the company makes sure that they are incorporating smart moves. It means that they are going to be super careful about updating the infotainment, technical (and also mechanical updates), and also the style without compromising 20 years worth of hard and detailed work. This is a smart and also wise movement from the company.

The Update Plans

There is nothing wrong with the current design, though, and it includes the interior cabin. After all, the current cabin is already quiet and comfortable but we don’t really mind the 2018 Subaru Outback change, anyway. The company plans to do some minor changes for the rear wheel apron, the insulation glass, and the exterior mirrors. They are going to redesign the mirrors, have thicker glasses, and thicker apron too. For the interior cabin, the changes will take place on the stitching details as well as the center console. It is also possible that the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features will be included and also improved

Some of the 2018 Subaru Outback changes and updates will likely include the technical aspects, such as the retuned suspension with improved damper. It is designed to create smoother driving experience. It also includes better braking system and improved steering – to top it off with perfection.

Engine and Performance

The Outback will still come with standard all wheel driving system. The engine options remain, with the four cylinder 2.5 liter unit that is delivering 175 hp of power and the six cylinder 3.6 liter unit that is producing 256 hp of power.

The Improved Changes

On the exterior side, the change will include low and wide grille opening with new bumper. There will be standard daytime LED running lights as well as adaptive headlights. The latter one will come with new technology so it provides better lighting for curves and corners. For the higher trims, such as Limited and Touring, expect higher level of technology, including EyeSight technology with its auto high beam assistance.

It seems that Subaru is listening carefully to feedbacks and critics, and try their best to ‘repair’ those mistakes. It is a good thing that the new Outback will be coming in various trims, including Base (standard), Premium, Limited, and then Touring. The price for this Outback hasn’t been announced. It is expected that Outback should be ready around 2017 by late summer. Hopefully, they really do it well with this 2018 Subaru Outback changes.


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