2018 Tahoe Changes: Custom Exclusivity with Price Reduction


One of the 2018 Tahoe changes is the inexpensive price tag for the 2018 model – well, at least, it is from the company’s point of view. After all, the SUV’s segment from General Motor is known for their high tag price. It is quite a surprise that the new trim for Tahoe is ‘only’ set for around $40,000.

The Custom Offer

Chevy is claimed to offer something new for their 2018 model. They are going to introduce the so-called Tahoe Custom, which is basically a special edition line starting off with the LS. For this trim, you can expect chrome grille, painted wheels in 18 inch dimension, and the absence of the third row. Because the third row is being removed, expect a generous and spacious cargo space, up to 54 cubic feet. For some people, this is a good update, considering that the third row on Tahoe isn’t exactly comfy or plush.

What about the other features in the 2018 Tahoe changes plan? For the interior cabin, expect the similar technology with improved ability. For instance, you can have a new infotainment system with its 8 inch display screen that connects to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As if it weren’t enough, you can also expect Wifi 4G hotspot for a better connection. The standard feature includes backup camera, remote start, and Teen Driver – meaning that you can monitor your teens when they are borrowing the vehicle. 110V power outlet, five of 12V outlets, and 5 USB ports are included within the features too.

Improved Safety

Besides all the greatest features, you can expect a higher grade of safety measurements, such as lane keep assist, forward collision warning, auto high beams, and autonomous low speed emergency brake. Among the 2018 Tahoe changes happening to Tahoe is the improved towing ability. The manual claims that it can tow 6,600 lbs of weight but it can be pushed up to 8,600 lbs.

The vehicle is running on V8 engine with 5.3 liter capacity that is delivering 355 hp of power, with either four wheel or rear wheel driving. Such a power should be enough for something solid and strong like Tahoe.

The exact release date isn’t confirmed yet although it is said that it should happen in September 2017 or the early 2018, the latest. For the price, it is set to be around $45,000, which means that the new Tahoe is actually $3,500 cheaper. What do you think about these 2018 Tahoe changes?