2018 Titan V6: The Expected Boost of Power


Expect some new updates and newest info about the upcoming 2018 Titan V6. It is called that way because the new Titan from Nissan will be coming with V6 EcoBost unit, which is quite interestig because it combines a powerful arrangement with fuel friendly system. So, how good is the new Titan with the new V6 unit, anyway?

The Updated Titan

Nissan has prepared a lot of schemes and plans for their Titan development. Aside from the regular Titan, they also prepare the full size Titan XD. And now, they are considering the V6 alternative project after they have been experimenting with the Cummins. But Nissan confirms that they are going to release the improved vehicle with better arrangement and nicer performance.

Engine and Performance

This seems to be the debut of V6 unit although everyone expects the Titan to come with V8 L-Stamina unit with 5.6 liter capacity. People expect the V8 engine because of the powerful boost, expected for the XD and regular Titan.

But then again, the V6 unit seems like a better option. Not only it is good for the performance, it is also good for your pocket. It will come with V6 VQ unit with 4.0 liter capacity, inspired by the Frontier with the direct injection system. Although it is possible that Nissan will use the V6 unit with 3.5 liter capacity, the 4.0 liter unit is the favorable option. You should be able to view the choices for 2018 Titan V6 during Detroit international Motor Show 2017.

Design on the Exterior and Interior

For the interior cabin, the new 2018 Titan V6 will have the same layout and look as the Titan XD but without the tachometer. But you can still expect some features like camera system with 360 degree viewing ability.

The new Titan will be coming in similar trims like the XD, such as King Cab, Staff Taxicab, and also Solitary Taxi. There are also different trimming grades, allowing buyers to choose different options, such as the single cab S-grade to the Platinum Staff Taxi model. There are also car parking sensor, grip control, warmed steering wheel, along with 12V ports and also USB system.

For those who are spending times on the road, there is the Taxicab team, which comes with spacious legroom within the second row. The King Taxi has the biggest rear opening door. The Titan, for general, will come in Single Cab.

Price and Release Date

The new Titan is expected to sell at around $34,700 for the base trim with crew taxi model. If you go for the Platinum line with the four wheel driving system, the price will start around $55,500. This kind of price is considered the worthy spending since the company is offering nice warranty, including 100,000 mile insurance coverage for bumper to bumper or five year coverage.

For the release date, there hasn’t been any information or updates about the release date. Predictions state that it may be in 2018, either in the early or middle period. We should wait and see for further info about the upcoming 2018 Titan V6.