2018 Toyota Camry Horsepower: What You Need to Know


When we are talking about the upcoming production of Camry 2018, there is no doubt that we are going to talk about 2018 Toyota Camry horsepower too. After all, what good does a vehicle do when it isn’t accompanied with the strongest and most reliable engine arrangement only? Everyone knows that Camry is a reliable and trusted ride but with the increasing popularity of SUVs and the waning popularity of the sedans, Toyota needs to work their best to boost the appeal of their sedan. And improving the horsepower is one of the most powerful and smartest idea ever.

The Updates

Rumor has it that Toyota is producing the all new Camry with the improved power, even to the base engine. With four cylinder unit of 2.5 liter capacity that is delivering 203 hp of power, it is considered promising enough for the upcoming model. The 203 hp of power is for the base trim, whereas the XSE will be coming with 206 hp of power.

Toyota needs to pick up the pace as they are dealing with heavy competition from Honda. Honda is said to release the 2018 Accord, which is coming with the V6 engine. There are some engine arrangement options from Honda but everyone predicts that it is going to be a fierce competition between the two. If Toyota seriously wants to improve the sales number of the Camry, they need to do more than this. For the time being, the Camry is said to come with the V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity which affects the 2018 Toyota Camry horsepower.

Engine and Power

For the 2018 model, Toyota is preparing the inline four direct injection engine with 2.5 liter capacity that can reach its full power at 6,600 rpm. The lower trim is able to reach 184 Nm of torque while the higher trims have 186 Nm of torque. Up until now there hasn’t been any official confirmation about fuel economy system despite the slight information about 2018 Toyota Camry horsepower.

Is Toyota doing enough for Camry? They think that they have done the best but most auto enthusiasts and fans think that they haven’t done anything good enough. With the advent of new technologies, they should be able to do more rather than staying on the most basic and most standard setting ever.

Further Plans

For the 2018 model, it is possible that there is going to be Camry hybrid for the line, along with the standard one. Both of them are said and claimed to come with auto eight speed transmission. The hybrid will come with front wheel driving system through CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system.

For the upcoming 2018 model, Camry will be dealing with heavy competitors such as Altimafrom Nissan, Accord from Honda, Malibu from Chevy, Sonata from Hyundai, Legacy from Subaru, Fusion from Ford, Passat from VW, 6 from Mazda, and Optima from Kia. All of these lines are offering power ranging from 245 hp to 280 hp of power. Let’s hope that Toyota and their 2018 Toyota Camry horsepower plan will be enough.