2018 Tundra Diesel – Going to be The First New Generation


In the near future, although another model is still a mystery, 2018 tundra diesel becomes the newest generation that is released. Firstly, as a new concept, it will launch in a few months after the truck production would be promoted in a wide population. Furthermore, the petrol powered versions are going to be sold at a later date.


The appearance of 2018 tundra diesel has been changed significantly compared to the present model today. Toyota has a plan to acquire from the international model outline, which can bring all new scheme plots on the future models. LED lit headlights innovations and tail lights are one of the examples. The tundra new generation will be completed with dynamic streamlined features and also bed configuration. Another example is a TRD bundle which will include big tires and bead-bolt tires.

The improvement for 2018 tundra diesel is definitely innovative. The model would be appropriate for driving in every condition. Interestingly, this model will be friendly for all types of terrains.

Engine Specs

There are two types of the engine. The first is 4.6-liter Aluminum (i-FORCE V8 DOHC) and the second is 5.7-liter Aluminum (i-FORCE V8 DOHC). Recently, both of engine have 6-speed ECT-I automatic transmission. Furthermore, based on the fuel consumption, you can see that it would be 15/19/16. Another type of this tundra diesel will be 5.7 liter Aluminum (i-FORCE V8 DOCH), which has @5600 rpm and 381 hp. For this type, the fuel consumption would be 13/18/15.

In details, the dimensions of the tundra diesel are 229 in of length, 80 in of width, with curb weight is 5000 pounds and wheelbase is 146 in.

The Date Release And Price

There are many speculations about when this model will be released. Anyway, it difficult to speculate the correct release date. Markets predict it will be launched in 2017. Consumers hope some differences of tundra diesel, such as new engine lineup. Hopefully, the Japanese automaker would announce this product as soon as possible at the Chicago Auto Show this year.

Talking about the price, Tundra SR can be approximately $29,450 and for Tundra Platinum and Tundra Limited will be $ 46,030 and $38,170 respectively.

Well, although, the price range hasn’t been decided yet this model is totally unique to have. Hopefully, this review will be a basic consideration for you before buying 2018 tundra diesel.