2020 Camaro Concept: Two Different Models


According to some updates, there are two different types of 2020 Camaro concept. This was an official release from Chevy during SEMA show 2016, intended to appeal two different sections of buyers too. So when you want to see what the upcoming update is all about, don’t miss out the detailed info from Chevy. After all, we are talking about Camaro. This is one of the fact that is difficult to neglect or dismay.

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The Two Concepts

As it was mentioned before, for the upcoming 2020 Camaro concept there will be Turbo Camaro AutoX and also the SS Camaro Slammer. The Turbo AutoX is designed to appeal auto enthusiasts with track interest, especially the ones who are into autocross events. It would be difficult to miss this variant because of the Yellow Shocking paint. It is running on inline four turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity. This arrangement is made simple so the nose will remain lighter. There is also a handling system and kit consisting of bigger stabilizer bar, stiffer link suspensions, and lower ride height.

Meanwhile, the SS Slammer is designed for those into visual and physical appeal rather than performance. You can be sure that the aesthetic appeal will be super although you can’t really expect a ‘wow’ experience and performance. According to the source, this Slammer 2020 Camaro concept is about stance and solid construction, namely the adjustable and flexible body kit, air suspension, and 22 inches wheels (on the front) and 24 inches on the back. Unlike the bold and bright Yellow Shock, this one is coming with Black Dazzling paint, resulting from tri-coating unique process with glossy white flakes. These are designed for added sparkle and depth, especially when viewed and observed from different point of views. It is running on V8 unit with 6.2 liter capacity.

Other Additional Features

Of course, visual and outer aesthetic appeals aren’t the only updates happening to the upcoming Camaro. There are also some upgraded factors, like the improved exhaust system and Brembo special packaging brake. The exhaust system has been one of the most appealing updates, because it is able to create great sound with masculine growl – not to mention that it is also able to reduce the pressure on the back to 25% on the stock system.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any official release or confirmation about the price tag and the availability of the ride. If the 2020 Camaro concept has been interesting, we should wait for the real deal.