Audi A6 New Model 2018: The Expectation about the Variant


What should you expect from Audi A6 new model 2018? Well, with the release and introduction of the A8 early July, the company has planned to release the A6 with the same technological development and also the similar achievement. Will they be able to pull it off?

The Updates

After some of the images of the covered A6 have undergone its testing period, it somehow gives us some hints and insight of how the performance will be. At least, it gives us the slight idea of how the vehicle will look like.

The idea about Audi A6 new model 2018 is about facing fierce competition with the others. When Mercy has rolled its E-Class variant combining sleek and elegant design with the sophisticated and advanced technology, Audi knows that they need to get prepared. And then, there is the 5 Series variant from Beemer which somehow remains on the top line of the list. With the A8 manages to show its appeal and strength its perfection within the segment, Audi knows that they need to do more for their A6 variant.

The Major Questions

One major question remains: will the A6 experience changes on the exterior appeal? After the introduction of A8 that has shown some variations and changes in the wider stance and more aggressive styling, the question arises concerning the A6. After all, the A6 will be designed and launched after the A8 so it is possible that the A6 will follow suit – especially when the rendering image shows a sportier and more muscular A6.

After the unanswered question about the physical style of the A6, another question concerning the power also arises. If the A6 will be built based on the MLB platform, it allows bigger variant of transmission and engine, just like the one shown by the Allroad style with its four wheel driving system. And since the A6 hybrid will be using the 48V unit, the possibility of the Audi A6 new model 2018 coming with improved engine arrangement is getting bigger.

The Exterior Appeal

From several rendering images of the A6 model, it is likely that the signature style with the LED running daytime light and the single frame grille will be kept but updated, and it also goes along with the chrome horizontal trim between the clusters of the rear lights. The Audi A6 new model 2018 sides should be more sculpted, accompanied and paired with wheel arches muscular bulges and also the chrome details and creases lines.