Ferrari Dino 2018 Price: The Promising Sporty Ride

It is a guarantee that the fact about Ferrari Dino 2018 price has been making people wonder and curious about the new ride. The idea of having a sport car with a combination of power, speed, and design is always pleasant and fun – as people are expecting such a thing from happening. So, what can you expect from the new Dino, after all, aside from the price factor?

Release Date and Price

There are different opinions and rumors about the release date as well as the Ferrari Dino 2018 price information. Not much information can be dug about the car, making it a mystery for most auto enthusiasts and experts. What we have all these times are mainly rumors and the fact that there isn’t much to know about the production stage of the car makes everything more mysterious and dark. It is predicted that the second half within 2017 will be the time for Ferrari to have the official announcement. But it will be more likely that Ferrari has an official release by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

Nothing has been said about the Ferrari Dino 2018 price either. But considering the exclusive and glamorous concept, it is likely that the price will be high. But is it going to be higher than the current line that is available today? No one can tell for sure.

Designs on Exterior and Interior

Although some people are doubtful that the Dino will only remain as the concept car, many are still positive enough that the company will finally make it into production. It is predicted that the exterior part of the Dino will have the typical sporty exterior with lowered hood and two doors arrangement. LED will be an important part for the headlights as well as the taillights although the shape is said to be different. The headlight will be rectangular formula-like while the taillights will be rounder. Duel exhaust pipes constructions are also expected from the design.

For the interior, expect limited two seater since it is a compact sport ride designed for two. Despite the limited facts, it is predicted that the interior cabin will come with the best upholstery, fabrics, and materials, designed to improve comfort as well as exclusive ambiance within the ride. You don’t have to question Ferrari’s dedication and skill in creating an elegant and luxurious ride. Aside for the improved look and atmosphere, expect better technologies and also features, including iPod port, USB, and other (probably) touchscreen technologies.

Engine and Transmission

Considering the Dino’s concept as the sporty ride, it would be logical if Ferrari is using the powerful engine with smart layout too. Speculations have arisen concerning the V6 engine with 3.0 liter capacity, delivering 530 hp of power. With such power, it is believed to reach 62 mph within 3.3 seconds only with top speed reaching 200 mph. There hasn’t any info about the transmission but we can only expect the best from Ferrari. Hopefully, the Ferrari Dino 2018 price won’t be a disappointment either.


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