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Fresh Start Program: Bad Credit Car Loans Milwaukee

Looking to start all over?  At John Amato Mitsubishi , if you have bad credit and live in the Milwaukee area we are here to help.  When you have a low credit score or not credit at all, most auto dealerships will treat you like a burden.  We see you as a customer.  Most times, most dealerships will tell you there is nothing they can do and send you on your way.  Having a bad credit score or no credit in Milwaukee area makes it harder to get an auto loan.  But, don’t worry it is not impossible.  Many problems with obtaining a car loan involve the dealership not having enough lenders that specialize in assisting people with low or no credit


How to get a car loan for people with bad credit in Milwaukee Wisconsin:

Having a low or bad credit score is difficult, and we understand.  If you are in this situation,  you need to work with a specialized lender or a car dealership like John Amato Mitsubishi that has the connections.  A specialized lender will usually be more understanding.  Here at John Amato Mitsubishi, we have several great relationships with lenders and our own in-house financing that can arrange a great car loan to get you re-established.

Step One

Apply For financing     This is featured throughout the website.

After that one of our specialist will contact you and discuss your options and appointment time to come in

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