How Much Is a Lamborghini Aventador 2017: The Price Consideration


If you are interested in buying the Aventador (but it is the 2017 model), you need to know how much is a Lamborghini Aventador 2017. With 26 liter capacity for 100 kilometers, it has a pretty good fuel efficiency number – not the best, but not so bad either. For an overall performance and quality, this ride is quite promising although not so much promises can be delivered in the smoothest manner. But if you want to add up a sporty vehicle into your personal collection, this is quite a promising vehicle to choose.

The Overall Feedbacks and Reviews

So, aside from the questions about how much is a Lamborghini Aventador 2017, you should also know the overall performance and quality of the ride. On the positive note, the style is pretty good with impressive acceleration ability. The V12 engine is quite powerful – it is fast, responsive, and roaring. And you finally get a powerful sporty quality like it is shown on the design.

However, there is always a downside on everything. Aside from the answer to the question of how much is a Lamborghini Aventador 2017 – it is around $450,000, ranging up to $850,000 – there are some flaws that Lambo should address seriously. The ISR transmission is lagging and not smooth. It doesn’t have any cargo space and the dimension for the interior cabin is just horrible. You won’t be able to get a nice view on the rear, after all.

The Modern Ride

Despite some of the obvious problems presented by the ride, you should remember that the Aventador has been viewed as one of the most modern vehicles and products ever designed by Lamborghini. The great combination of the classic and modern style is blending in nicely so it is no surprising that it remains popular – even with the flaws.

For some, the price tag is considered one of the flaws while others think that it is quite a normal number and range for the brand – and the construction. After all, with top speed reaching 200 mph, this ride is considered the ultimate representation for the supercar evolutionary examples and steps. After all, the combination of the powerful engine, kicking response, and stylish design is what making the Aventador worth to wait for. Aside from the question about how much is a Lamborghini Aventador 2017 and some of the promising outcome, this Aventador is definitely worth your consideration.