Hyundai Released First Large Sedan Genesis G90 Review


This is the Hyundai released first large sedan that you will see in the U.S market. The name is Genesis G90. Hyundai really concerns with the luxury sedan in order to compete with some luxury brands as well. They come from Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Cadillac and many more.

This Korean automaker is going to launch the sedan for sale. You can already see it at Hyundai dealers now. For your information, this is an effort of the manufacturer in order to increase its shares over the past year so that it prepares more than 850 franchisees at the moment.


Basically, experts and car enthusiasts have already been testing the G90 at British Columbia. This is a Genesis event located in Vancouver. Their reactions to the car are full of hope. Some of them have rated this large sedan auspiciously. They have compared it with other competitors from the Mercedes-Benz S Class until BMW 7 Series. Hyundai also approaches a weird method in order to launch the G90. Other competitors have made the luxury brands in U.S such as Acura division or HMC. Instead, it launches the G90 at the same dealerships. In other words, it doesn’t offer separate dealerships.

The Hyundai released first large sedan G90 is the symbol of respect for all customers’ of Hyundai all over the world, including United States. The sedan comes with luxurious cabin and elegant exterior. Inside, you can see a 12.3-inch touchscreen that is functioned in order to provide infotainment system and other features such as adaptive cruise control, dampers, and many more. The car manufacturer offers two engine packages for the customers. The first engine is a 3.3 L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. It produces 365 horsepower. The second package is a 5.0 L v8 engine, delivering 420 horsepower. All engine variants are offered with an 8-speed automatic transmission as well as AWD and RWD systems.

2017 Model

That is the first generation of the Hyundai released first large sedan named Genesis G90. Today, the 2017 model year has already been launched. This full-size sedan comes with a new face but still in the luxury-sedan class. The V6 and V8 engines are refined as well as the interior and exterior. Let’s review them all one by one.


Say goodbye to the exotic materials and gimmicky features of full-size sedan that you can see on the BMW 7-Series or M-Benz S-class because the 2017 Genesis G90 offers perfect build quality, simple but attractive finishes, and friendly controls on the dashboard. Thanks to the full-size type of sedan. The G90’s offers ergonomic and enormous cabin for us. There are plenty room that we can use inside the cabin. Source :