Lamborghini Aventador SV Specs: All the Promising Features


The limited edition Aventador SV has just impressive performance and driving quality, so it is only logical if people have been paying attention to the Lamborghini Aventador SV specs. After all, it is the machine and the supporting system that makes this special edition vehicle different. In short, this machine is simply impressive and powerful. It doesn’t require any complicated arrangement to really make it a winner.

The Things to Like and Dislike

It is pretty natural if you find some of the things you like and rather dislike in everything – and it is even included in Lamborghini Aventador SV specs. After all, this vehicle has its own flaw and downsides, despite how minimum it is. When compared to the coupe LP700-4, this one is claimed to be better – it has better focus, it is speedier, and it is definitely lighter. And when you combine it with superb handling (not to mention also the reduced weight), the end result is simply stunning. It has a better stability too, thanks to the improved adjustability and also downforce.

Unfortunately, Lamborghini doesn’t seem to come up with a better Lamborghini Aventador SV specs for the transmission – they are still using the ISR7 single clutch instead of coming with dual clutch system. And when we are talking about the price, this limited edition Aventador is definitely more expensive than the Roadster or the Coupe. Big time. But in the overall quality, performance, and driving satisfaction, you can definitely expect the best from this SV line.

The True Power

One of the major reasons why this SV line is super awesome is because of the improved system and handling. Because of the improved aerodynamic, the efficiency and the downforce are directly affected and yet it doesn’t increase the drag quality or whatsoever. Get this: with improved 170% of downforce and 150% of aero efficiency, this SV is definitely powerful and promising.

One of the important facts about this SV is that the powerful unit of V12 with 6.5 liter capacity that is delivering 740 hp of power. It is able to reach 62 mph within 2.8 seconds with top speed of 217 mph. It is able to reach 124 mph within 8.6 seconds and 186 mph within 24 seconds – which is quite impressive numbers.

Don’t be too surprised to hear about the price because it will start from $500,000 – definitely pricier than the coupe and roadster. Its main color will be red with five additional hues. With such powerful Lamborghini Aventador SV specs, it is not surprising if the vehicle has such an impressive outcome.