Land Cruiser 2018: What to Like and Dislike from the Line

There are a lot of things to like about Land Cruiser 2018; of course, you need to be prepared for the downsides. Despite the design, somehow it is better on the road instead of the offroad setting. But then again, controlling the vehicle isn’t for everyone. Somehow, it takes special skill and ability.

The Pros and Cons

So, what to like about the new Land Cruiser 2018, anyway? For a starter, it finally gets the proper and right offroad credibility and ability. The interior cabin is pretty nice and impressive, with improved comfort and convenience. The ride also proves to be a great quality of vehicle. And it is especially coming with powerful V8 engine, packed with heritage and personality. So, those are the strong traits of the Land Cruiser.

However, be prepared for the flaws too. The ride is pretty expensive – although most people reason that it comes with quality. The steering is pretty difficult and rough. What about the fuel economy system? It is one of the downsides where such a thing is pretty poor and far from being impressive. But in the overall sense, if you don’t really mind all these downsides, the Land Cruiser can be your next expensive, luxurious, and exclusive ride with tough and powerful punch.

The Updated Plan

There won’t be any change happening within this year because the major update happened back then in 2016. But there have been some updates concerning the entertainment system on the back seat (it has become the only option) and the now automatically inward foldable exterior mirrors whenever the ride is locked.

For the engine, the Land Cruiser 2018 remains the same with the V8 unit with 5.7 liter capacity, delivering 381 hp of power and four wheel driving system. However, the powerful engine is somewhat a beat when compared to the 5,800 pounds of weight curb. What about the fuel economy system? It is compromised significantly.

However, since the Land Cruiser is coming with its reliable name and some supported technologies, you can expect more. With four wheel driving system, improved center locking differential, crawl control knob, and traction multi mode control system – not to mention that there is Dynamic Kinetic Suspension System – you can expect a better boost.

Because of the body construction and engine, the SUV may not be able to handle corners very nicely but when it tackles the winding roads, it does a superb work. So far, this is the most current update about Land Cruiser 2018.


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