Land Rover Defender News 2018: What’s Happening to the Tough Offroader


For the Land Rover Defender news 2018, it seems that the company is planning to improve the upcoming line for their next production. The reason why the company is doing so is because the previous sales figures weren’t so promising – at least from their point of view. That’s why they think that there is something wrong with the previous lines – and they decide to do something about it. With the improved work and better structure, Land Rover is hoping for the new Defender to come with a more promising ability and performance.

The Upcoming Defender

Land Rover is promising a stronger and more capable SUV for the upcoming production. With the combination of improved style, better design, punchier power, and increased performance, the new Defender is hoped to settle a new level of achievement and success.

From the design alone, it seems that there is going to be a slight change on the outside. With aluminum unibody and some redesigned parts, the new Defender is expected to be better. For the Land Rover Defender news 2018, the overall body construction should be lighter without compromising the power and performance. It should also affect fuel consumption. Despite the changes, some parts will remain the same, such as the single grille and the slab side face. For the change, the LED lighting should be included within the update.

On the interior cabin, the Defender will take its cue from DC100 so you can expect a luxurious, exclusive, and spacious cabin. When you compare the new cabin with the previous one, the new one will be more appealing and artistic. It includes leather seats with bright colored trim, matching to the color of the floor mats

Engine and Performance

What about the Land Rover Defender news 2018 concerning the engine? There will be several options, for sure, and it includes petrol and diesel units. It is possibly running on the supercharged V8 engine with 5.0 liter capacity or the V6 engine with 3.0 liter capacity. There is also the weaker option of V6 engine with 2.0 liter engine. All of them will be paired with either automatic eight speed or nine speed gearbox. Whether the ride will be coming with manual transmission is still unknown.

Up until now, it is still unknown when the Defender is going to launch or at what price range it will be available. So, we should wait for further Land Rover Defender news 2018 if we want to know more.

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