Mazda CX7 2018: The Newest and Sophisticated Upgrades

Should you expect the new Mazda CX7 2018 to be available for the market? You can certainly hope for such a thing because the new CX7 is said to be ready for production. The line itself has been inactive, and now after the hiatus period is over, Mazda is ready with their upcoming new CX7 – which is claimed to be super impressive and promising.

The Newer Updates

According to Mazda, the upcoming Mazda CX7 2018 will be coming with some serious improvements and characteristics that would affect the performance and ability. Naturally, such updates have been thought off carefully and we can only expect that the new CX7 won’t be disappointing.

Design on Exterior and Interior

From the newer design point of view, the new CX7 will be bigger, for sure, creating a wider and greater effect than the previous production. But if you take a look at the rendering image of the CX7, you will see a good looking vehicle with all the right lines and curves. It is fashionable withut making it mushy or cheesy. The stylish look can be seen from the shield shape grille and great hood. The big grille and guard will be found on the back.

The addition of technologies is viewed from Mazda CX7 2018 update. Touchscreen digital screens with comfortable seats are included within the line. You can expect improved convenience, comfort, and luxury for the cabin, but we need to wait for further confirmation from Mazda.

Engine and Performance

The changes aren’t only happening on the appearance, but also on the mechanical and technical areas. Rumor has it that the new CX7 will be coming with SkyActiv unit with 2.5 liter capacity. If it is true, then the CX7 will be able to produce 155 hp of power. If you want to have the higher ability, there is the same Skyactiv unit but delivering 184 hp of power instead.

There is also a possibility that CX7 will be coming with diesel unit with 2.2 liter capacity, delivering 173 hp of power. The all wheel and front wheel driving speed will be included, along with 6 speed transmission.

Release Date and Price

If everything goes as planned, the new CX7 should be available within the fourth quarter – this 2017. Exact date hasn’t been revealed just yet. For the price, there hasn’t been any official confirmation either but the Mazda CX7 2018 should start selling at around $30,500.


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