New Audi A6 Allroad 2018: The Possible New Production

There have been several updated news about the new Audi A6 allroad 2018. It seems that Audi is getting ready with all the upcoming competition happening in the line of luxurious lines of vehicles. With the combination of the latest technology and also personalized look for each individual vehicle, the new A6 is expected to be ready and strong.

The Latest Rumors

there are several news following the release of Audi A8 – the launch happening at the very early of July, by the way. With the A8 release, Audi promises that the new A6 will follow suit – complete with the improved technology and advanced systems. There had been several images of new Audi A6 allroad 2018 in disguise on the net and there is a slight hint of how the upcoming vehicle will look like. With the E-Class Mercy coming up, along with Beemer 5 Series, Audi is going to deal with strict competition.

The (Expected) Possible Changes

The basic question is about whether Audi will retain the signature style of the sleek composition of the A6, which has been associated with the vehicle. After all, the A8 has been released and there has been a significant change. It has wider rear lights, looking wider on the overall stance, and an aggressive looking grille. Auto enthusiasts expect that the new new Audi A6 allroad 2018 will be coming with sportier feel and with more muscles – creating a significant distance from the elegant and poise A8.

Aside from the exterior changes, a lot of auto enthusiasts also expect the A6 to undergo technical and mechanical changes. Everyone hopes that the A6 will follow the SUV A7 that comes with MLB platform. After all, with this platform, there will be more options for different transmissions and also engines. It provides a better solid choice for the four wheel Quattro driving system. With this platform, the chances to include electric system will be bigger and more possible. There is a likeliness that the allroad will focus on construction to tackle rough terrain so the vehicle has a multifunctional purpose.

The Engine

There hasn’t been any confirmation about the type of engine used for this variant but some people have predicted that the diesel (with 2.0 liter capacity) will be available to add smoothness and add power. It is possible to have the petrol turbocharged four cylinder engine. If hybrid power is possible, the hybrid plug-in e-tron unit will be created to reduce the negative emission. It is possible that the new Audi A6 allroad 2018 will be sold starting from £35,000 with availability starting from early 2018.


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