New Ford Lightning 2017: The Powerful Tribute Ride


Is there such a thing as the new Ford Lightning 2017? Wait, didn’t Ford stop making the Lightning back then in 2004? What was the reason – because it was too big and they thought that it won’t attract much appeal, and not to mention that there was going to be a huge production cost? So, what’s the hype with the 2017 Lightning, anyway?

Well, just because Ford had decided to abandon the line, it doesn’t mean that everyone else had to do the same. A Ford dealership has been crafty enough to come with their own Lightning creation, and if you are looking at the image, the Lightning looks super good. It is no wonder if the dealership has gained some interesting offer, especially with the full warranty from Ford. How is it even possible?

Creative Skills and Obsession

So, Pioneer Ford in Bremen has done something quite interesting. This Georgia’s dealership has decided that they are going to continue with their creation and version, so they finally make the new Ford Lightning 2017. As the result, the F-150 supercharged version with 650 hp of power is sold for around $50,000. Another interesting thing is that the dealership is the authorized and legal Roush installer (considering that the new F-150 is coming with the Roush supercharger unit). This enables the dealership to offer full warranty as well as factory rebates too.

The dealership has built two tributes up to this point. But it seems that they have done a pretty good job that their Facebook posting has gone popular and viral. With the V8 unit and 5.0 liter capacity, it is no wonder if the truck is able to deliver such a nice strength and power.

The Next Big Thing

Of course, you can’t compare Pioneer and the real Ford as the dealer is only able to make two and with limited version. So far, they have only tweaked the short wheelbase two door type, with five spoke wheels and also side pipes – the same model from 1999 to 2004. It uses the old-school type with the modern technology and handy today’s features.

With this successful attempt, do you think that Pioneer has felt enough and stop? It isn’t likely because they have already made plans for their future production. They are said to build the F-150 2018 model with the V8 engine and 5.0 liter capacity, paired up with automatic ten speed transmission.

For this new Ford Lightning 2017, the design is pretty impressive and nimble, and you can tell the lowered suspension with nice hang. The project itself started as a part of ‘having fun’ and fulfill the ‘what ifs’ plan. Robby Winiarczyk, the general manager of Pioneer Ford, claimed that he has always been into the Lightning and the reason why he built the modern version was to make his dream truck come true. He had done such a good job that the red tribute truck was sold in a matter of days only.

This is a good example of how profitable a dream can be, and with the new Ford Lightning 2017, you can be sure that you have made only a smart investment and decision only.