New Lexus ES 350 Westerly: Will It Be Promising?

If you live in Rhode Island, you probably want to consider finding new Lexus ES 350 Westerly dealership to get the best deal for the purchase. After all, you want to deal with a trusted vendor only so you can experience the best purchasing deal. What can you expect from the dealer? What can you expect from the new ride?

About the New Lexus

If you take a look at the new design of Lexus ES, you will find a stylish ride with great dynamics and also impressive style. Is it luxurious? You can bet on it! Is it classy and elegant? Yes, it is. The ES comes with roomy space on the rear, quiet cabin, and also a nice powerful performance. With V6 engine of 3.5 liter capacity and 268 hp of power, this ride is definitely a promising line to expect. The ride also comes with the hybrid power. But the outcome is only 33 mpg out from the estimated 40 mpg output. Not to mention that the hybrid is somewhat is not as powerful as the V6. And if you expect additional safety package, you can have it.

About the Lexus in General

You need to appraise Lexus for their consistency, especially the exclusive design and great elegance of the ES. Since the first launch in 1990, this line has focused on the quiet cabin and impressive comfort. Only in the latest years that the company has included spindle aggressive grille but the others remain the same, including the performance and also sportiness.

The consideration about new Lexus ES 350 Westerly is more about the area where you are living in. Again, the Westerly area in Rhode Island is able to give you a wide array of options, including the exclusive ES. The greatest thing about this line is the powerful V6 unit which surprisingly delivers a brisk acceleration, seemingly contrastive to the relaxed characteristics and demeanor. The hybrid unit is surprisingly not more impressive than the regular ES 350 – in fact, you can expect a more powerful ES.

The Pros and Cons

Over the many interesting factors and elements of new Lexus ES 350 Westerly, there are several good things about this vehicle. Of course, you should be ready for the flaws as well. You can expect smooth and quiet operation, along with spacious rear seat and also plush (and comfortable) interior cabin. However, be ready for the not-so-promising fuel economy system, poor feel on the brake pedal, and some restricted features.

Power and Specifications

This front wheel vehicle is able to accommodate five passengers nicely. The four door sedan has front engine and also front motor arrangement. The engine comes with CVT transmission with manual shift mode. It is able to reach 60 mph within 7.8 seconds, while reaching 100 mph within 20.6 seconds.

The base price is set around $42,800 with the top trim reaching $48,200. What about the release date? It hasn’t been confirmed just yet. You should check more into the new Lexus ES 350 Westerly dealership update and info.


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