Toyota 4Runner 2018 New Design: What Kind of Changes Possibly Happening Next?

Is there going to be Toyota 4Runner 2018 new design? The problem with the 4Runner is the old school and classic design, which has gotten into the heart of loyal fans and customers of Toyota. It retains the classic structure with enough power and punchy offroad ability, making it one of the most popular vehicle for both urban and rough terrain. However, since the 4Runner has been running for more than 5 years, Toyota feels that it is important to update the design and platform. So, what are they going to do about it?

Toyota 4Runner 2018 New Design

The Most Current Rumors

Rumor has it that Toyota is going with the unibody design. But up until now, no one from the company has confirmed the truth about the rumor. After all, most auto experts claim that it may not happen soon enough – with the fact that they may risk their circle of loyal fans. For them, sticking on the Prado platform seems to be more ideal and reliable rather than focusing on the rumored Toyota 4Runner 2018 new design.

If any of the update is going to happen, it is most likely happening for the design instead of the platform. Currently, 4Runner has some of the steel exterior parts and they will likely be changed with aluminum. The idea is to make the new 4Runner more fuel efficient and lighter – if it is possible, not affecting the price and remains the ideal vehicle for everyone, especially the offroad lovers.

If you take a look at the exterior design of 4Runner, you will see a tough and buff aggressive SUV and it is such an ideal construction. Will Toyota compromise the offorad strength over new design? It is unlikely although it would be better if we can wait for further confirmation. The new design may come with a more pronounced bulky grille and longer hood. The back will likely be rounder and the taillights will be wider. In the end, it is going to be sportier

Price and Release Date

Today, the basic 4Runner is sold at around $33,000 while the highest trim costs around $42,500. Hopefully, the price range remains. But if there is going to be a price increase, it may have to be done to compensate the addition – for the sake of improved power and comfort. However, the exact launch date for Toyota 4Runner 2018 new design remains unknown so we should wait and see for further release.

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