What’s Coming in the 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman Updates and Plans


When we are talking about what’s coming in the 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman, we are talking about improved features and functionality. Up until now, there hasn’t been any detailed official confirmation about the production, along with the improved features and specs. However, you can definitely be sure that the 2018 model is offering a lot of updates and upgrades – and everything has been designed to improve handle and also comfort.

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About the Clubman

The Mini Cooper with wagon design has always been the unique signature style of the Clubman and with the 2018 model comes along, you can expect some significant improvement. The Clubman, after all, has been the first model from Mini that has been improved in size, coming from the subcompact segment. The previous Clubman had the so called the Clubdoor that was designed to provide easy access for the rear area. The updated Clubman is now coming with the real doors designed for the rear areas.

Besides the obvious changes on the door, what’s coming in the 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman? There will be functional cargo capacity and also luggage compartment. If you fold down the rear area, you can extend this cargo space so you can accommodate your belongings and items.

The Engine and Specs

Clubman has been set as the base model for the Cooper. It is coming with three cylinder turbocharged unit with 1.5 liter capacity that is delivering 134 hp of power with 162 Nm of torque. There will be the Cooper S that comes with four cylinder 2.0 liter capacity with 228 hp of power and 207 Nm of torque. Both will be coming as the all wheel driving system. If everything goes as planned, Cooper will add John Cooper line with its high performance style in 2017. For this line, this model is able to accommodate five people. It has manual transmission with impressive fuel economy system. It has 9.5 liter for 100 kilometers for the city and 6.6 liter for the highways. For now, that’s what’s coming in the 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman so far.

Pros and Cons

Naturally, there are several different opinions about the new 2018 model. One on the positive sides includes easy control and handle, including the sharp management. Not to mention that the new line comes with expressive style. If you want to have a new variation of the Cooper, the Clubman is definitely one of the most promising features. On the interior cabin, it includes upgrades on the convenience and also comfort, especially on the front area.

Despite the improved comfort, the space for the seat is quite limited. And another thing about the negative side is the high tag price. For some people, it is like the bargaining element. Why spending more if you can’t get more benefits and features?

Up until now, there hasn’t any official confirmation about the launch date or the price although rumor has it that the Clubman will be set at around $27,000 up to $34,000. So far, that’s what’s coming in the 2018 Mini Cooper Clubman.